Youth Fellowship

 Mr. Shino Abraham, Secretary, Youth Fellowship



SJMC Youth Fellowship

As a small and young Church when St. James Malayalam Church started in 1999, the Youth Fellowship was slow to take off. Mr. John K. John and Mr. Sam John Samuel was one of the first who took up the cudgels in early 2000 and then the Youth Fellowship slowly took wings under the guidance and wise counsel of Mr. Thomas George from 2006, when as Secretary he took over a Youth Group of 3 youngsters. With his dedication, Mr. Thomas George was able to build up a strong devout Youth Group, which is among the finest across Churches in all of the Karnataka Central Diocese.






The Youth Fellowship is blessed with Multi Talented Kids who have been a source of Pride for St. James Church by participating and winning accolades in several of the Inter Church Competitions across Bangalore over the years. Mr. Thomas George passed on the baton to Mr. Sanal Varghese in the year 2012. Mr. Shino Abraham then took over the leadership in
the year 2015 and is the Current Secretary of the Youth Fellowship.