Mens Fellowship

 Mr. Manu Abraham, Secretary



SJMC Mens Fellowship

There was felt a need to harness the talents and ideas of several of the menfolk who were not involved in the other organisations of the Church. Thus came the birth of the Men’s Fellowship of St. James Malayalam Church in May, 2014. The group, albeit starting slowly as all new groups do, participated actively in a couple of Charity Works and even more actively in the last two Harvest Festivals. One of the initiatives from the Men’s Fellowship gave birth to the Passion Recital in April 2015, an evening of music with all the organisations of the Church participating and a couple of external Choirs also being invited. The highlight of the evening, beside the excellent music and singing, was the presence of Right Rev. P.K. Samuel, newly elected Bishop of KCD on his first official visit to any Church in the Diocese. The success of the Evening has made the Passion Recital a permanent Fixture of the Church Calendar. Mr. George John is the current Vice President with Mr. Manu Abraham, Secretary and Mr. Rohith George as Treasurer supporting him