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Message for the month...........

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After Easter celebration, there are some questions to ponder upon like – Did we gain anything through our self-restrained life in the lent season? or Are we experiencing any significant positive change in our behaviour after Easter celebration? or Are we into old bad habits after Easter Sunday? or Did the lent season and the self-restrained life blessed us with spiritual discipline? As the saying “The season of lent leads to spiritual discipline”.

The Bible clearly states that King David “humbled himself with fasting” (Psalms 35:13). Also, Queen Esther prayed to God without eating and drinking (Esther 4:16). Both King David and Queen Esther were blessed with spiritual power and courage by their restricted life for they humbled themselves before the God Almighty. The Old Testament records that great men of faith such as Elijah and Daniel led restricted lives so that they could be closer to God (Exodus 34:28; 1 Kings 19:8;Daniel 9:3; Daniel 10:2-3). But later, Pharisees and leaders of the church continued this practice as a law or ritual (Matthew 9:14-15). Before their people, these Pharisees and church leaders presented themselves to be holy and spiritual by abstaining from food. The Bible clearly states that Jesus raised His voice against such practices of Pharisees.

The season of lent is a period to seek repentance and to refrain from all evil habits such as drinking, smoking and from all evil desires. For this reason, let us repent and turn back to our God. Let us build a faith relationship with our Saviour Lord Jesus by giving importance to the Bible study and prayers.

After Easter, some people turn to their old ways. Do remember that all the efforts to lead a holy and disciplined life during the lent period is meaningless if we turn to our old habits after Easter. It is important to be reminded that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the beginning of a new journey of life (Matthew 28:18-19). Like the Lord’s disciples, we need to untie our boats and leave our nets and experience His saving power (Matthew 21:9).

Let us believe that our life is in our God’s hand. It is His, and not ours. Our new journey of life with Christ will strengthen and empower us to overcome our old ways and worldly desires to experience a new life in Christ Jesus. Through prayers and obedience our God will strengthen us to lead Christ–centred life and to be blessed with His everlasting presence and grace.

May God bless you by these words.




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Rev John Joseph and Mr.Sankey Prasad




The Journey thus far...

The story of the journey of a Prayer Group moving on to a Worship Congregation and then onto a full fledged Church, the St. James CSI Malayalam Church, is a typical Christian story of Commitment, Prayer and Fortitude. Committed Laymen and Dedicated Clergy over the years have seen the development of a church in the Bangalore East area.